Conditions of Use

Epic Toys designs crafts and sells exceptional products for play combat and costume use. They are intended for recreational use and in no way are designed as weapons or intended to harm other. They are not intended for tournament or competitive sport. They should not be used as such. Such use can cause injury or death to the user and/or those around the.

Epic Toys combat toys terms of service:

  • These items must be used at the players own risk, even a well crafted foam toy can be hazardous if used incorrectly, recklessly or without regard for participants safety.
  • Do not use these toys under the influence of drugs or alcohol and use caution when playing around dangerous terrain or when playing with those smaller, weaker or more fragile then yourself.
  • Epic Toys are NOT floatation devices and should not be used as such.

Epic Toys projectile toys such as the Archery or Blowgun sets may only be purchased by adults. These purchases are sold with the following terms of use:

  • Never use ammunition intended for a product with another product nor shoot ammunition not intended by Epic Toys to be fired with it's intended firing product. Use Epic Toys arrows with Epic Toys bows and Epic Toys darts with Epic Toys blowguns.
  • These products are choking hazard and must be used with supervision.
  • Never aim or shoot at another players face.
  • Never aim or shoot at a player who is not aware they may be shot.
  • Never aim or shoot at people on elevated surfaces, on ladders, riding bikes or otherwise unstable in their footing.

Using Epic Toys product in violation with these terms of use releases Epic Toys LLC and it's affiliates of any and all liability for harm done to user, property or third parties.

Used properly, Epic Toys will provide months if not years of safe, satisfying use.

Play Hard, Play Hard, Nobody Hurt - New Games Foundation

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